1-st Step
Contact us to apply.
2-nd Step
We visit You to assess the scope of work,
agree on the time and the budget.
All these services come for free.
3-rd Step
We do the cleaning.
  • We work 7 days a week / 24 hours a day
  • Cleaning services for both companies and individuals, available for any customer in Riga and Riga District.
  • Orders are accepted every day between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  • You are welcome to contact us for an optimal solution developed specifically to suit Your needs.
Kontakti Phone No.: +371 26377003

About us

“Spoži” is a cleaning service provider company offering all kinds of cleaning services for any kind of premises – flats, residential houses, offices, shopping malls, industrial buildings and rooms of general use. We also deal with cleaning and landscape gardening within the territory adjacent to the object. It is our standpoint that a well-groomed environment is a prime factor for creating an atmosphere of harmony, comfort and placidity for You and Your guests. Cleanliness is an unfailing accent in the image of any property.

The strategy for our company is to be “a man of his word”. This means we only promise what we can fulfill, and we always do what we’ve promised. “A man of his word” isn’t just a company’s motto; it’s the key principle of our employees’ regular attitude, our policy and our position.

By cooperating with “Spoži”, You get Yourself a professional partner capable of providing a broad range of high-quality services; this lets You organize and plan Your own actions in a rational way.

A пmobile brigadeis deployed to carry out any general cleaning works, professional cleaning after repairs, refurbishment or construction works.

Every object is supervised by our cleaning team foremen; these are specially trained people capable of solving any issue that might arise in the course of our work and accept any wishes You might have regarding our operations.

By cooperating with us, You save a great deal of Your time and money, thanks to our:

  • modern professional equipment
  • state-of-the-art cleaning technologies
  • conscientious and experienced personnel

We are concerned about the environment, that’s why we only use environmental-friendly cleaning compounds. When left with no alternative, we turn to the professional chemicals.

The references by our customers are of a great importance to us, as this is the best measure for the quality of our services!

The „Spoži” has the General Tort Liability Insurance policy, which will reimburse any third party for any possible direct or indirect losses caused in terms of health, life, physical state or property by the company’s activities. This kind of insurance is meant for manufacturers, merchants, real estate operators, construction companies and other service providers.


Service list

  • cleanup after repairs, refurbishment and construction works
  • everyday cleaning
  • general cleaning
  • office cleaning services
  • supermarket cleaning services
  • factory cleaning services
  • territory cleaning services
  • floor surface cleaning
  • façade & window washing
  • cleaning and disinfection of bathroom units
  • everyday sidewalk and road cleaning
  • weed removal from block pavements and roads
  • underground parking lot cleaning and washing services
  • lawn care and mowing
  • fallen leaf collection
  • leaf removal from chutes
  • snow removal
  • antiskid gritting
  • snow and icicle removal from roofs

  • dust removal from windowsills, tables, shelves, closets
  • removal of dust and other filth from plinths
  • cleaning of window frames, radiators, ventilation hatch grating
  • louver cleaning
  • dust removal from the decorative elements within the office
  • stain and fat removal from different surfaces (floors / carpeting / upholstered furniture etc.)
  • mirror & glass surface cleaning
  • lamp cleaning


Legal address: Artilērijas street 44-49, Riga, LV-1009  
Reg. No.: 40003893508
Code: HABALV22
Account No.: LV23HABA0551015729414